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Dan & Phil - The Internet is here - Review

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Good evening everybody!!

Today I'm coming with another review of a song, but this time is not a song by a "profesional" singer. This time the song is by Dan and Phil, aka danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil on YouTube. The song was released this Wednesday, as well as its oficial video, and its profits -100%, all of them!- go to "Stand Up To Cancer", a movement/organisation (I don'n know it well) for cancer research.

The song is called "The Internet is here" and it was the closure of their tour show "The Amazing Tour is not on Fire". Basically, the song is about how great is the Internet, and about them and their experience and their lives, too. It is written by Dan and Phil themselves, which I found really amazi... -I need to find another adjetive-... Really amusing. You would think because of their break-through songs that the lyrics won't be this great, but they are artists, they are supposed to write this good since they have to think day by day new topics for their videos. I mean, do you remember Ladders? Well, Dan's "Roast yourself challenge" was pretty good, too. I love that rap *:P*.

Now the whole song itself. I really really love it, and I'm not saying that only because it's Dan and Phil's. It's like a show tune, you know? It reminds me a lot of Broadway and 90's musicals. Both the lyrics and the music are fantastically show-y. Furthermore, it's very phan-y too. It has lots of parts you can relate to, but they're very Dan and Phil. Like the part Dan's singing about posting in Tumblr shi-RUBISH! Phil cuts him. Proper vocabulary, please. And where Dan prays we never stop watching YouTube or they'll be unemployed. What can I say? It's awesome, and the show-y tune it has went directly to my heart. The "Dance break!" makes me laugh every time. Most of the song does, actually.

The video is great too -"Like the Internet" "Cristina, you've heard that song a little bit TOO much..." "It doesn't hurt, okay?"-. There are parts from the tour as well as parts from the recording studio. You can appreciate how much fun they had doing it on tour, and how all the fans who were watching it live were enjoying it as much as the youtubers. However, I would say Phil and Dan loved just as much recording the song. You can see them doing little dance moves and interacting with each other like they'd done it on tour. I just love you can actually SEE how much fun both of them had while doing going through the whole journey.

Well, that was it. Not very long I know, but I can say much more. My mind is still shocked of how much weird and mad, but AMAZING it is (I had to use the adjetive just once). I bought the song, because I want to help and, let's be honest, it's Dan and Phil. I can't stop laughing when I listen it, which is weird if I'm walking down the street. Now that I remember, I have to buy DAPGO (Dan And Phil Go Outside) when it is released.

This took more time than I though. I was going to update this on Wednesday, but I went to the cinema with my brother and, well you know: I came home at 00:00 so I went to bed so I wouldn't be like a zombie in class. I've watched Miss Peregrine's film (Don't remember the name exactly). It's good, but I definitely wouldn't watched it again. I want to read the book, though. See how it is like. Today I was watching the song video to refresh my mind and then The YouTube Boy Band came along and I was lost. "It's all about You(Tube)" is actually pretty awesome, too.

See you tomorrow, I would post another song review if I have time. The Spanish version, if you want to take a look, is here.

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