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Chord Overstreet - Homeland (video + song) - Review

Hello everybody! :)

How are you doing? I hope you're all okay. In this post I'm reviewing Chord Overstreet's song (and music video) Homeland. This is something I've wanted to do for a few months with this song and with Adam Lambert's song (and video) "Welcome to the Show", and now also with Lady Gaga's "Perfect Illusion". I'm not an expert in music (as I'm not an expert in books or films) but I want to let you guys know my opinion.


The song, to me, seems a mixture between folk, some of blues and a little of country. I've never been a fan of country music, but this song is good. If you let me, I would even say it has a touch of old rock. You know what I mean? The acoustic rock from the 80's and the 90's? That's the one I'm talking about. It's a very good rhythm and you get very relaxed by listening to it. I really like that fact of the song.

To fit the lyrics, it's supposed to be calming and to bring back good memories and feelings. Many songs do that, but while being extremely cheesy and "lovey-dobey", you know? Overstreet's song isn't like that. I'm writing this post while playing "Homeland" non-stop, and I can tell all of you that you don't get tired of it, like you would do with more beat-y songs by playing them non-stop.

The lyrics themselves are about coming back home, coming back to your roots, to your good memories of your hometown, your family, your homeland. That's what the song inspires me, at least. Many artist have made songs about it, and many more will make them, but I think Overstreet does it perfectly, again without being cheesy. This "message" is going to be use forever, and has been used forever, so you have to be extremely cautious and you have to try not to copy others. Again, Chord Overstreet does it great. Actually, it's one of the few songs I like about returning home -some of you know my almost non-existent love for my hometown-.


The video keeps that relaxing state I talked about above. It fits the song really good. I can hear you say "Every video has to do that, what are you talking about?". I know. Every video has to do that. It's supposed to do that. Some of them doesn't. Which is a really bad move for the song and the artist.

In the video Chord sings in different parts of (I suppose) his own hometown. I like the sun is the main source of light in the video and it contrast with Chord's figure in some parts. I actually love when he's playing his guitar and singing in a house with a white T-shirt and a bun. I'm very fond of that parts. They're very "home-y". Like he's playing only for you in his home.

Furthermore, I really, really love that both the begging and the ending of the video are Chord looking at the camera: at the begging with his back looking at the sun; and at the ending with that little and charming smile he gives. It's lovely.


What do you think? Do you like Chord Overstreet music? Or Homeland? Let me know your opinion in the comment section or in social media. :)

This review is also post in Spanish. Click here if you want to take a look. See you soon, stay healthy.


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