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This is my first review (post, really) in English. I love English and I usually write some words in English on my other posts. I think I am very good at talking and writing in this language but it isn't my first language. It is Spanish, something most of you already know. What I'm trying to say is, please don't hate, I'm doing my best here. And thanks for reading, something I've never said.

I've finished reading "Struck by lightning" today. It's really easy and fast to read, I've read it in three days. I don't care how much time I spend reading a book, but it's good to finish it in almost no time, so I have more time to read or just do something else, like writing.

Let's start the review, shall we?

  • Title: Struck by lightning (The Carson Phillips journal).
  • Author: Chris Colfer
  • Publishing house: Little, Brown and Company
  • ISBN: 978-0-316-23293-7
  • How did I get this book?: I was learning more about Chris Colfer and his career when this book and "The Land of Stories" series appear in front of me.
  • Score: 5 of 5 (I can't give it less than that).
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Carson Phillips has always been the black sheep of his hometown. Or so everyone believes. Carson may not have many friends or love-ones in Clover (California), but what he does have is dreams. Dreams like getting out of Clover and becoming one of the writers of the New Yorker, among other goals. And as clever and determined as Carson is, he will do anything to achieve that. Even if that means blackmailing his peers to come to his dream University. He tells us about it and many other things in his journal.
(My own synopsis) 


The book is written as a journal: each chapter is a new entry in the personal journal of Carson Phillips, apart from the epilogue; or so I think.

The expression and the style of the narration is very clear, as it would be in every young adult novel. But it doesn't make it less likeable for someone who isn't a "young adult" because it has a very important lesson about dreams.

From now on, SPOILERS will apear, so ATTENTION. If you haven't read the book, you are now reading this under your own responsibility.

I've liked the most the expression and the vocabulary. Without been vulgar or rude, the book "talks" as any actual teenager. It shows amazingly the world under the eyes of a teenager who wants to escape his town and start living his own life and dreams without anyone telling him anything or criticising his acting. You don't know how much I see myself in Carson...

I've really enjoyed all the puns and jokes the book has, the ones made by Carson. It may not be lots, but they are memorable. As memorable as all the quotes the book has and stick with you forever.

My favourite character has been inevitably Carson Phillips. He is so witty and sarcastic that it was inevitable to not adore him. I may not agree with him in everything he says or does, but that's what makes him human and real. I wouldn't mind to have a chat with him about bullying in high school, for example; as both of us seem to have suffer it.

The character I've didn't enjoyed or the one that I've liked the least is Remy Baker, the Yearbook editor. Carson hates her. Let's say she is his archenemy, because nearly everyone in Clover is his enemy. She is as clever as Carson but she is a stupid b****. There aren't any other adjetives for her. I don't hate her, it wouldn't be fair; but if she was real, we would have a rough relationship.

I don't hate any character. Maybe the lightning bolt that takes away Carson's life, but it isn't a character. I don't hate any character because they seem so real, that I can't feel something as strong as hatred or loathing for them. This book is not a young adult fantasy book, or a science fiction one; so there aren't "good" or "bad" people, just people, their behaviour and the consequences.

A very endearing character was Malerie, Carson's best friend. She's so cute... I don't know what to say about her more than that. Also, a relationship I've actually liked was the one between Carson and his grandmother. My grandmother didn't have Alzheimer's (thanks for that) but our relationship was similar to that one. I wish I had more time with my rock...

The humor of the book is really awesome. Carson's reaction when he learns about the imaginary numbers in Algebra is hilarious. It also was very similar to mine...

One of my favourite quotes, to pick one, is the following:
“All great writers have issues with their hometowns; guess I'm not the exception.” 
― Chris ColferStruck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal
Being a writer myself, I've shared that quote with the teachers who have supported me this Hell year and give my inspiration to write. I've given them a homemade bookmark with the quote in Spanish.


I don't have much to say, besides that the film is really great too, but since the book is a journal, it has more tints that the movie. The same post also is in Spanish in the blog HERE, so if you speak Spanish as well, you can look at it but it will be mostly the same. See each other soon.


PS: Not bad for the first time publishing in English, right?

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